Hey, bunny!

  • Type Photography

The arrival of Easter heralds a vicious cycle in the pet world: first the increase in rabbit sales and then the abandonment of animals over the next few weeks. With a view to ending this commercialization, the Brazilian NGO Rabbit Support Group (GAC) conducts rescues and promotes the adoption of rabbits since 2016, encouraging awareness. With a huge queue of requests for help, the NGO acts differently from the others: “first we rescue them, take them straight to the exotic animal vet, neuter them and only then put them for adoption".

Thanks to GAC for the opportunity to work with this amazing animals, and for all the effort in rescuing and saving them. And specially, thanks to my friend Thais and GAC’s founder Santuzza for all the help and commitment to this project!

Type » Photography
Work » Photography
Collaboration » Thais Villalobos & Santuzza Affonseca
Volunteer for » GAC Rabbit Support Group
Location » Sao Paulo
Date » Since 2016