Maria Filó

  • Type Ecommerce

“It was with a work in knitting, with rich colours and details, that Célia Osorio enchanted women." Sensitive to the desires of the female universe, she formed a team and decided to show their collections. In 1997, the first Maria Filó was born in Rio de Janeiro. Today, her daughter maintains the essence of the brand by highlighting the feminine beauty in every aspect of life. With more than 60 stores in Brazil, Maria Filó continues to be a source of inspiration to make women even more special.

A special thanks to Maria Filó and Enext for the opportunity and confidence in the realisation of this project. And especially to my supervisor Thales, for the collaboration and guidance during the development of this project.

Type » Ecommerce
Work » Lead in UX & UI Design
Collaboration » Thales Batista & Ariel Cordoval
Client » Maria Filó
Company » Enext
Date » 2017